About Us


Things you should know about GoNY Medical.

GoNY Medical is a reputed and professional medical center located in Queens, New York. We have a talented pool of MD doctor (internal medicine), Physical Therapist, Chiropractor, Acupuncturist, Orthopedic doctor, and other health care professionals to provide treatment for various health problems like back and body pain, normal illnesses, psychological and physical problems.

Unlike other healthcare professionals who are usually reluctant in treating accident victims due to non-assurance of getting their dues cleared by the insurance company on behalf of the victim, we treat no-fault accident victims, and workers who have met with an accident at their workplace without any delay. Not only that, we also align with the medical insurance company or employer of our patients to ensure that they do not face any difficulty in getting their medical expenses covered as per the law. We are considered as the most trustworthy name when it comes to no-fault insurance, workers compensation, and private insurance.

At GoNY Medical, we completely understand the agony that one goes through when dealing with accidents as its not only physical pain that you have to bear but you also have to deal with the insurance company for getting medical coverage for your treatment. Therefore, we take care of all the insurance related matters including creating and maintaining all the insurance paperwork on your behalf along with making prior appointments and providing reports about your recovery to your insurance agent on regular basis. On your insistence, we can even send across the medical reports to your no-fault lawyer.

We believe in providing the best healthcare services to our patients and combine a set of treatments including chiropractic, acupuncture, physical therapy, internal medicine and orthopedic to ensure the overall wellbeing of the body. Our physicians hold years of experience in the field of medicine and are able to diagnose even the root cause of an illness in no time. Together with our other health care professionals, we are making every effort to provide compassionate and personal attentive care to our patients.

Our strategic location in Queens, New York makes us easily accessible by everyone. Even if you stay a bit far, then also you should come to us at least once and try our world class and proficient services. We promise you will forget all the inconvenience caused due to travelling and in no time, you will see yourself recover from all the pains and health issues with our superior care.