Basics of physical therapy

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Also known as physiotherapy, physical therapy is a Western method to cure through mechanical or manual force. It also includes exercise and electrotherapy for various techniques to make the process of physical therapy more effective. The purpose of physical therapy or physiotherapy is to increase bodily mobility and functioning. Usually patients who have been victims of severe injuries are left immobile after a shocking accident and physical therapy helps in recovering. People who spend long hours in driving or working can also benefit greatly from physical therapy. Physical therapy is also one of the oldest methods that have its origins back in 460 BC. In contemporary society, physical therapy has improved since the method was officially adopted by the end of nineteenth century.

Physical therapy is divided into many branches such as cardiovascular physiotherapy which aims to help patients of pre or post cardiac surgery to ensure a successful operation and heightened recovery. It is important that the patient is ready to undergo an operation and therefore functional independence becomes a necessary step in the process. Another branch of physiotherapy is geriatric physical therapy which is aimed to help adults or aging adults who start facing issues on regular basis such as arthritis, joint replacement, balance disorders etc. Geriatric physical therapy is, hence, for adults who are in later point in their life undergoing changes that come with aging.

On the other hand, neurological physical therapy is meant to help patients who have neurological disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease, facial palsy, chronic spinal cord injury etc. It also deals with other neurological conditions which include loss of vision, physical balance and other activities of daily life which are interpreted because of physical impairments. It is also called neurological rehabilitation. Orthopedic physical therapy is mainly for patients with musculoskeletal disorders which cause physical impairments.

In a nutshell, physical therapy is divided into various other categories to focus on different organs for patients with different problems. Physical therapy can show huge improvement in physical functionality if patient and therapist are both doing their best to achieve goals. It is important that patient co-operates with therapist and follow their instructions in order to benefit from the therapy. Patient must follow any home exercise given by their physical therapist as well as take all the sessions recommended in order to see visible results in their recovery.

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