Entrust GoNY Medical with Your Medical Problems

Are you suffering from various back and body problems even after trying various medical treatments?

You’ve recently been a victim of no-fault accident and your personal health care professional has refused to treat you, and you are wondering what to do?

Have you met an accident at your workplace and are looking for someone to help you get workers compensation?

Does the memories from past events still scare you and are not ready to leave you alone?

Is your insurance company being reluctant in covering your medical expenses?

You don’t have to worry anymore as the solution to all these problems can be found at one place- GoNY Medical.

A renowned medical center in Queens, New York, GoNY Medical is perhaps the only place in Queens, where you can get various experts including MD doctor (internal medicine), Physical Therapist, Chiropractor, Acupuncturist and Orthopedic doctor. This ensures that you get cure for your various problems at a single point.

What’s with us for you?

Now you don’t have to run from one post to another to get solution for various health concerns, whether its chiropractic treatment and physical therapy or you need help with internal medicine or orthopedic, you will get personal attention and service, all at one place.

Apart from regular clients, we have special interest in treating no-fault victims and workers compensation patients. Our expertise in this field allows us to help our clients with problems related to no-fault insurance, workers compensation, and private insurance.

We also have trained therapists that provide therapy services for any form of stress, depression, anxiety attack, or other psychological problems arising due to illness or accidents. Holding expertise in treating neck pain, lower back pain, shoulder, hip, and leg pain, we use several types of treatments including therapy flexion distraction, chiropractic adjustments, etc. to ensure complete relief for our patients.

Catching up with us:

Visit our center in Queens, New York today to see our professionalism and commitment towards our work and see yourself recover from pain and illness in not time. You may call at our office to get an appointment.