GoNYMed is a facility that aims to help as many people as they can and that includes people who have no-fault insurance, workers compensation or private insurance. Here is a detailed summary of how these things work:

1. No-Fault

It is important that as soon as you get in a car accident you see a professional event if apparently you have not faced any prominent harm. That is because most of the times, muscle or joint pain is ignored after a severe incident which proves to be harmful in future. Most of the time, no-fault insurance will give 72 hours for you to claim it and at GoNYMed you can come within the given time to get checked. We will provide you with proper check-up and record that you can show to your insurance inspectors to claim no-fault.

2.Workers Compensation

Usually, companies provide workers compensation according to which if a worker has faced injury during their work, they are compensated for the treatment payment. The compensation is only granted, in many cases, when you have proof that you have been getting your treatment. To make things financially easier for you, we will provide you with record of all the treatment so that you can ask for workers compensation and claim the money with proof.

3. Private Insurance

A private insurance is generally an insurance plan that is not always dependent on job insurance. Mostly companies provide health insurance when the health care you pick is part of their network. If you take our assistance you can call from our center to check if we are part of network in your insurance company. Otherwise, we will be more than willing to talk it out with your insurance company. Professionals at GoNYMed are in network with most of the private insurance companies and we are trying to reach out to as many as we can so that anyone can avail our services under insurance.

In short, GoNYMed is trying to facilitate their patients to any extent they can in order for them to avail services without feeling financially burdened. If you have been in a bad accident, facing issues because of aging or mobility problems because of long hours at work, we provide you with staff that is going to help you recover. We speak Spanish as well which makes it easier for patients to communicate and discuss things without feeling hindered. From the moment patients walk in, we take an assessment which will help the therapist in analyzing your situation.

We have made sure that each member in our staff carried a professional attitude towards their patient and is passionate about helping patients to heal. We will personalize your treatment so that you are treated according to your needs rather than given a useless treatment. In a nutshell, GoNYMed is a place where people from all fields of life can come to get diagnosed and treated accordingly. Located in the heart of Queens, New York our service is situated around the subway stations so that you can easily find and reach us.