History and General Purpose of Acupuncture

Acupuncture is need therapy used as an alternative medicine and originated from traditional Chinese medicine. Since acupuncture therapy is not based on conventional scientific method its technique differs in various countries and places. In USA the method for this traditional medical care is mostly the same and widely accepted in other places as well. The main purpose of acupuncture therapy is to cure pain after severe injury but it is used for treatment of other diseases or cases as well. The effect of acupuncture also varies from patient to patient but if it done well with professional care it proves to be quite helpful in curing and delivering what it promises.

The origin of acupuncture is quite interesting as the ancients also had conflicting ideas about this particular method. There were many people who believed that the sole purpose of this method was bleeding which was overtaken by the belief that acupuncture method was used to balance out ch’i energies in order to maintain Yin and Yand energies in the body. This belief system was based on puncturing particular points in the body through needles in order to achieve the said balance which was supposed to ultimately cure the body and bring recovery.

During that time in China, there was no scientific knowledge or basis for treatments therefore philosophies like these were prevalent which were later developed and helped structure the contemporary method of acupuncture. Another important theory in traditional China was that there is a basic acupuncture point situated in the skull which distributes the energies and is the meeting point for all of them. In short, such philosophical ideas existed in traditional practice of acupuncture in China and later developed as proper methods for healing. Today, many practitioners use this method to cure people who have been victims of injury or accidents.

It took a long time and many controversial conflicts before the method spread internationally and became helpful to thousands of people all around the world. It is important that anyone who practices acupuncture is learned and knows the puncture points in order to use needles on the patient to heal them. Just as in any other field, there are analysts or practitioners who do not possess proper knowledge and therefore fail to help their patients. Similarly, a proper acupuncture treatment also depends on the number of needles, insertion of needles in penetration points and number of sessions in order for it to be helpful for its patients.

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