How is acupuncture effective

It is true that the effects of acupuncture have been questioned by conventional science in the past since it is not based on scientific knowledge but philosophical study of the body. The 3,000 year old alternative Chinese traditional medicine has, however, shown practical results despite the fact that its practicality has remained controversial over the years. There are many positive effects of acupuncture therapy and it is used for treatment of various concerns. Acupuncture is effective for different things and it uses a specific method through which it helps.

The basis of acupuncture is the knowledge of acupoints or acupuncture points in the body which are simulated in order to promote healing and recovery. The process of acupuncture does not use any medication rather relies on the natural healing system of the body therefore there are no specific or long-term side effects of this therapy. The most common technique used for acupuncture is insertion of fine and sterile needs in the acupoints. Heat, pressure and electrical simulation are used in order to increase the healing process and pressure through which natural healing system is quickened. Some other methods are also used for simulation of the process through manual pressure or natural ointments which are also helpful in increasing the efficiency of acupuncture.

It is important that your acupuncture therapist understands your problem well. A proper assessment of the patient’s case will ensure the efficiency of method. A professional acupuncture therapist will analyze your medical past before the start of treatment. Treatments like acupuncture rely on the patient’s history therefore moving on without that knowledge will not prove to be as effective. There will be other necessary steps such as checking pulse, tongue’s color etc. so that your acupuncture therapist can determine your current condition. You might be prescribed a specific number of sessions which you should follow up in order to make sure that you are healing from the process.

Acupuncture therapy will improve digestion and sleep for many patients if they follow up required session and steps recommended by their therapist. Commonly, acupuncture is used to cure depression, leukopenia, knee pain, postoperative pain, rheumatoid arthritis, epigastralgia and other conditions such as nausea, morning sickness, headache etc. Other diseases which are cured through acupuncture include obesity, infertility, sexual dysfunction, neurodermatitis, facial spasm, stiff neck, tobacco dependence and so on. In short, the list of diseases or problems treated by acupuncture is a long one and if you choose the right acupuncture therapist you might see visible results as well.

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