GoNY Medical: For Reputed New York Queens Chiropractors

Having trouble with your neuromusculoskeletal system?

Don’t know what to do about your back or body pain that just does not  seem to go away even after prolonged medication regiments?

The chiropractic and physical therapy care and services provided at GoNY Medical can be the answer to your medical health issues.

Our team of experienced and talented chiropractors, physical therapists, MDs (internal medicine), acupuncturist, and orthopedic doctors are ready to provide you with expert medical care. Your  access to all of these medical experts in the same place allows you to get the personalized treatment plans you deserve.  Personalized treatment will ensure that you have a speedy recovery. You will be able to enjoy a normal life devoid of any pain in the back, shoulders, hips, neck, legs, or headaches.

Leveraging on our expert diagnostic techniques and various Chiropractic treatments like spinal and neck manipulations, we are able to provide the best suitable therapies for your recuperation. We hold expertise in various Chiro techniques such as the  Activator technique, diversified technique, Thompson Technique, the Gonstead, and many others.

GoNY Medical also offers clients  medical massage, ultrasound, decompression, and physical therapy. These services works wonder especially when added in with  our Chiropractic adjustments. Plus, our  expertise in cold laser therapy, manipulation under anesthesia, therapy flexion distraction and other treatments allow us to offer the best possible recovery plan for our patients.

Understanding the plight of no-fault victims, our physical therapists do the utmost to help them deal with accidents, both at work or on road. Irrespective of who was at fault for the motor vehicle accident, we provide consultations to our patients and also guide them in seeking no-fault benefits that usually include compensation for medical expenses, financial losses due to accident and much more.

GoNY Medical also provides treatment for whiplash and/or any other injuries incurred after a road accident. We don’t waste time. We have a team of experts having thorough knowledge of fault insurance, workers compensation, and private insurance, thereby allowing us to help you out in these crucial times when you are in dire need of support, both morally and financially. Despite treating you for your injuries, we also help you in getting medical claims paid. We do this by sending regular reports on your  health progressions to your insurance company to ensure that you get your medical expenses covered.