Physical Therapy


Physical Therapy at Its Best – At GoNY Medical

GoNY Medical, is the place to go for treatment for all of your physical therapy needs. The offices are easily located in Queens, New York City and offers times and availability to meet most of our patients needs. If you have been the victim of an accident or incident and need physical therapy then you have come to the right place. the place that you need to be, is GoNY Medical.

There have been cases when people are not aware as in what exactly physical therapy entails, which is why we have assembled a team of trained physiotherapists and doctors with specializations in internal medicine, acupuncture, orthopedics and chiropractic care. Each one of them will be able to help you with your health issues, and ensure that you walk out of our clinics, completely healthy and energized.

It doesn’t matter what kind of injury you have sustained, an accident is bound to leave you in a state of shock, from which you will need to eventually recover. Chances are that you might need other care options that we may not be able to give you. In that instance, our medical experts will be able to assess your mental health and refer you to someone who can help you with that. Once we have helped you to recover with a better state of health then you should be able to return to work in no time at all.

GoNY Medical physical therapy service options for many health problems. We see patients with cardiovascular and pulmonary conditions, neurological diseases including spinal cord injuries, integumentary conditions, like those related to burns, external wounds and of course the most common of them all:orthopedic situations. Our medical team will be able assess and provide you with the best possible solutions for your injury. Our treatments are personalized, because  we understand that each person’s condition is different. This kind of personalized treatment ensures that you recover at a faster rate, and are back on your feet in no time!

For those of you, who might have been hurt in the line of work, the topic of insurance and liability is bound to come up, which is why, we at GoNY Medical also offer services related to “no-fault” as well as private insurance and workers compensation. We have experts in the field, who will ensure that you are given the treatment you deserve, without any delays, or unnecessary charges.

We also offer IME’s or Independent Medical Examinations at your or your employer’s request.  Our team of highly qualified and experienced doctors can easily assure that the reports generated from this is  fair and timely, allowing employees to return to the office in no time at all.