“When we come to the office we are greeted with feeling, care and comfort. I have never had to wait longer than 15 minutes and it’s the only way to go. Their dedication to my health and insurance claims is unparalleled.”

Carlie Samson,
“ Doctors' offices have always felt like sterile places with robotic doctors—overworked and barely human. Sometimes they didn't even introduce themselves or meet our eyes. Going to see the professionals at GoNY Medical feels like visiting a knowledgeable friend. They treat us with warm care and concern, and we never feel rushed. We are relieved to be part of a true community practice—with a human doctor!”

Karen Reinhert,
“This is a team of the most caring and thoughtful doctors I have ever met. When you need them they are there. They are a staff of true professionals, that can be relied on to make your medical situation easier”

Tom Davison,
“I was never given instructions on how this process (Workers Comp) would work. Instead I was offered nothing. I found my way to the team of experts at GoNY Medical. I arrived with nothing and left feeling a sense of relief. They really know their stuff!”

Jane Partridge,
“I was very impressed the first day I met with you and your staff at GoNY Medical. You greeted my brother and I with deep concern, compassion and professionalism. It is difficult to find such a facility that cares so strongly for their residents and their families. I want to thank you and everyone who works there for their daily smiles and constant concern for my family. I always recommend this facility to everyone I meet.”

Carol Laney,
“The most important thing about this place is that there are a team of competent nurses and doctors there.”

Arnold I,
“The best place to go when you have been in a car accident.”

Wyatt R,
“Can’t see how you can do any better then you do right now.”

Jack P,
“The office was warm and caring, can’t say enough.”

“I was very happy with all the staff and my care.” “Everyone was so nice and I felt like an honored guest. I hope to return there if I ever need the care.”

Mildred C,
“We were very happy with the care. This is an excellent facility.”

“Workers here are just great to talk to and they are insightful.”

“Awesome place and awesome people.”

Sally P,
The only comment necessary would be that if I were “in need” this would be my absolute FIRST CHOICE. All was well for our situation thank God for GoNY Medical.”

I had excellent care while a patient in your medical care facility.

Esther P,
When I had my accident and cut my let, they came quickly and bandaged me up really fast. I loved it when they asked me to do painting and other things to help with special events.

Lucy P,
I am convinced that good care helped and made my recovery well.

Evelyn H,
I’m very happy with my care and tell many people and God Bless all of you. Everyone is very friendly and helpful.

Jessica P,
“Thanks for making my accident bearable.”

Avery G,
“Overall, we were very impressed with the care rendered by their staff as well as PT and chiro. Care was outstanding.”

Otto K,
Thank you, Dr. Tomas, for your generous time and kind attention to me last week. I appreciate your staff for scheduling me so promptly and preparing me for your exam and care.