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Seeing A Doctor Now Will Get Your Claim Paid

Don’t make the same mistake that other people are making. That is a vehicle accident is hard not only on your body, but it can be on your wallet as well. Delaying your medical care will cause a lot of problems, the largest being that you may not get any compensation for your injuries.

You are putting yourself at risk if you delay treatment for medical conditions. You might feel like you are alright, but in most cases you are not. In fact, some of the most insidious issues happen when you are not aware of them. Getting checked out by a medical professional is imperative.

Client’s come to us from all walks of life. Some might come in post-John Wayne Syndrome. This is a term we created for those people who feel like that can’t be destroyed and that they cannot be hurt. It’s a falsehood that we feed ourselves, plus not going to the doctor does you more harm than good.

Our medical professionals, are ready to take on your automobile claim by providing the insurance company with the accurate information that they need to get your claim processed in a timely manner. Getting checked out by a physician is the only way to refute any false claims and to get you the care you need today.

We understand that most people who claim to have been hurt in an auto accident actually have been injured. In fact we ensure that you can refute the insurance companies claims that you might be faking or that you are not in as much pain as you claim to be. How? Getting evaluated by our team will ensure that you will have the best care you can possibly get.

Gone are the days of insurance companies that did not utilize specific software to track your health and claims. Some companies now have software programs to assist the insurance adjusters in evaluating claims. Insurance adjusters take data from programs and feed it into another one. The program is the thinker in this case.

So if you do not have all of your data in one spot it’s going to be harmful to your claim. For instance, claims adjusters will want to know if you have seen a medical professional within 72 hours. If you have, then they will basically add a plus to your claim, because you were obviously hurt enough to seek medical care.

Getting to GoNY Medical, is easy you can request someone to drop you off at our Queens location or you can drive yourslef. Either way access is not limited.  If you cannot get in to see your usual M.D. right away then you should go to an Urgent Care facility to be seen.

Chiropractor’s can also evaluate your condition for the insurance company. Just remember the most important aspect is seeing a chiropractor within 72 hours.

When you get to our offices you can expect a full evaluation and intake assessment. It will then be recorded and given to you so that the insurance company has a record of your visit.

Chiropractor’s are not just for “bone cracking” they also provide much needed health and history evaluations. The foundations of chiropractic care lay in the 19th century. At that time theory on spinal and joint dysfunction was new and branching off from past ideas of healing and health.

GoNY Medical, offers you a comprehensive evaluation within that 72 hour time frame. We can ensure that you have access to medical care, contact us today with any questions that you might have.