Private Insurance



Private Insurance 

Most people have private health insurance through their jobs, or if you are self employed through your own business. Many people prefer private insurance provided on the individual coverage market. Private insurance can be expensive, but it is still the preferred method. However, GoNY Medical offers you an easy way to get the care that you need when you have been injured.

What happens when you have a private insurance that is not contracted with our office?

Don’t worry you will still have access to care, and a full round of testing without any hassle. However, you will be subject in some cases to higher rates for out of network services. Remember thought no one is denied access to medical care.

If you are not sure if your insurance will cover your service here at GoNY MedicalThen simply call your insurance company today and see if we are in network. We will gladly speak with your insurance company to ensure that your health insurance coverage will fit with the service you will be getting here at GoNY Medical. Traditional health insurance is typically a fee-for-service plan. This plan is very flexible, so if you do have one of these private insurance plans then you are going to have it very easy. Patient’s and their employers typically pay for the cost of  the services in these cases. We also work with some HMO policy’s. HMO or health maintenance organizations are insurance plans that contract within a network of doctors and only those doctors are provided with compensation for services that they give patients. Most patients with HMO that are out of network with GoNY Medical,may not be covered. It’s important to check with your insurance before you arrive.

Other types of private insurance includes Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) another form of health networking where the network of contracted providers whose sources are available are providing lower cost services to any network providers. Point of Service Of Plans are health plans in which enrollees get to select the physicians that they have their services through.

If you have private insurance then contact your carrier to see if we are in network  with GoNY Medical Our medical professionals are in network with most private insurance policy’s and are dedicated to getting you the professional services your need to succeed.