Workers compensation


Workers Compensation Is There For You

If you have suffered an on the job injury then you are eligible for Workers Compensation. Depending on the injury you may be eligible for partial or complete care. But, you will need to have your medical state evaluated by one of our professionals here at GoNY Medical. This state mandated insurance program was created decades ago to protect employees and to provide them with just compensations when they are unable to work.

Because you have dedicated yourself to your job, then it is only fair that your job dedicate itself to you when you are hurt. Employee or work related injuries happen because of an accident. It’s that simple, but without adequate medical care your access to being compensated for those injuries is greatly reduced. Getting work related injuries can be a pain, literally.

It’s basis was is insurance paid by companies to give you benefits. Workers are provided with medical care and benefits throughout the process. The cost of workers compensation is based on the payroll and injuries that the employee sustains. Plus, the larger the company the larger the compensation amount.

Coming to GoNY Medical is a decision you will never regret. We provide you with all the documentation you need to get your medical health evaluated for potential claims in the futire. We specialize in working with workers compensation on all levels.

Contact us today to begin your road to a successful Workers Compensation evaluation. It’s just a simple intake and evaluation. Once we have completed that we are ready to begin on a developed care routine.